Monday, May 26, 2008

High School Work

Yup, I've decided to start with some of my high school work. Just to let you all know a little about how I became interested in art, It started as a kid when I was in love with cartoons. I wanted to make my own cartoon! From there I started drawing on my own and improving little by little. I never made anything official until high school when I started taking drawing classes. There I began experimenting with other materials (not too many), but I definitely learned a few things.
Chalk Pastels- Still life... obviously.. lol.
Colored Pencil- My teacher put a skeleton up in the room and we chose what part we wanted to draw... I thought the ribs would be interesting.
Mixed media- This was originally a stamp project. We made stamps and tah dah! From there I started messing with other materials and just having fun. =)
 Sorry they came out sideways!


lack02 said...

I like the colors on the top 2. fun stuff.

Gabby Zapata said...

aww thanks! haha, i loooove drawing noses, so that probably explains it lol.

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